2019 Vipers Season About to Start!



Another Vipers season is about to start with another HS National season planned.  I would like to welcome Mike O'Niel as the HS head coach (he will be running both the MS and HS practices) and Mike O'Brien that will also assist with practices and games.  We will also have Bill Harris, Rick Landry, and Darren Petite on the ice and on the bench.  I will be there as well but will be spending more time trying to work games, keeping stats, and keeping the administrative side up-to-date.  Ted Snyder is finalizing our WV tourney schedule (MS and HS) and I'm working on additional games with VA teams.  Unless Ken Browall decides otherwise will continue to operate as our registrar with USA Hockey.

Our practice schedule is a little different from year's past.  We now have a second hour of ice time but we start an hour later on Wednesday.  Practices will commence on Wed, 21 August (MS 9-10pm and HS 10-1pm1) and the first two practices will be a positioning skate to see how many we have at each level and what teams we can expect to field.  Our ice time costs will be higher than last year since we have doubled our ice time but reduced our amount of skaters on the ice.

We will be purchasing a second jersey and socks for this season since USA Hockey Nationals REQUIRE a home and away jersey.  I have found a great vendor for this second jersey (dark blue....looks SWEET) total cost should be around $85 for the sweater and socks (we will use the same shell)

Also, I have been working a deal with Tovi Hockey Sticks to supply us w/ their sticks at a huge discount and they will feature us as their featured team on their website and advertising if the entire HS team uses their stick.  This could be HUGE for getting NATIONAL visibility on our team.  I have John and Joe using the stick (if you want to try the sticks they are using let me know....Joe is a leftie) and also have a RIGHT, 75 Flex if anyone wants to borrow it for a practice or two....just let me know.  We will talk more on this on the ice.

If you all know of additional talented MS and HS players please invite them to our 21 August practice.

Any questions/concerns I am always here to answer them.



Bryce Timberlake

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