HS Roster (game 2) - Sunday 5:30



I have a few eligible players that will need to sit this game out, however, everyone will get 2 games unless they can only make one game.    Remember that you will only be charged for games that you participate in.  This game will be $12.00 (this covers our half of the ice and officials).  I will charge you later. 

  • Location: Hagerstown
  • Jersey:  Bring BOTH jerseys, socks and shell
  • Opponent: Linsly HS
  • Arrive NLT: 4:30
  • Puck drop: 5:30
  • Roster
  • Name Jersey
    Baker, Andrew 5
    Blahut, Sean 77
    Cleary, Thomas 13
    Coulter, Liam 3
    Eberhardt, Sam 16
    Gochenauer, Logan 27
    Hager, Caedmon 87
    Kuntz, Josh 71
    Kuntz, Keith 14
    Landry, Tyler 42
    Lathwell, Jake 1
    Lathwell, Zachary 19
    Malasky, Zac 21
    Martin, Brendan 81
    Nusbaum, Keegan 95
    Pellegrino, Jaz (g) 32
    Petite, Joe 11
    Quinn, Sean (g) 78
    Snyder, Nathan 89
    Williams, Josh 59

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