Book Hyatt Hotel

Tue 03/19

To make your Hyatt reservations for the national hockey tournament:   Please call or email your credit card info to either of the Hyatt Legacy Marketing Directors.  Please note on your call that you are on the WV Vipers Team (for the cheaper rate - $129). Stephanie McFearin:  216.413.5274 Email:  stephanie.mcfearin@hya [...]

Clarification on why we have to stay in host hotels

Tue 03/19

The following questions have been asked and I'm sure you are all sharing in the same frustrations that I have: Why can't you stay in a hotel that you find? USAHockey HS Nationals REQUIRE us to stay in the 'host' hotels.  If we do not have 75% of our roster booked in the host hotel we DO NOT PARTICIPATE in Nationals (page 16 o [...]

New hotel info

Tue 03/19

Sorry for the last minute change in hotel.  I have been trying to reduce the cost of our hotel.  After a bit of tugging, we were able to renegotiate a lower rate at another contracted USA Hockey hotel for the Nationals tournament.  Due to our contract with USA Hockey, all families must stay at the designated hotel or the WV Vipers [...]

HOT: Nationals hotel info

Mon 03/18

Here is the link to request your hotel rooms.  Please book your room ASAP since they will go back to the pool of rooms on Friday.   Vipers Nationals Hotel Link   Also, I am creating a file that will contain all the info that I'm getting on Nationals.  As we get closer I get emails daily and want a single place to collect it [...]

HOT: Need all Varsity practice jerseys on Wed

Sat 03/16

All, I am required to add National patches to the blue side of our practice jerseys as put away jersey if not we can be penalized. I need ALL practice jersey NLT Wed so I. An get them added. I have the game jerseys finished.

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